5 Tips Matching Ties Shirts & Jackets | Rules On Matching Clothing | Suit Shirt Tie How To Match

5 Tips Matching Ties Shirts & Jackets | Rules On Matching Clothing | Suit Shirt Tie How To Match

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How would you define a sharp dressed man?

Is it by the how carefully groomed is hair is?

Possible how polished his shoes are?

Both of those are good indicators of man who is well put together……but let’s not leave out this defining style characteristic……

A sharp dressed man needs to be able to coordinate his necktie, shirt and jacket.

Ready to get better at it?

While this article does not go in-depth for matching specific ties to shirts and jackets (an encyclopedia would be needed for that!) you will learn the basics.

A solid foundation is all most men need to make smart decisions prior to purchasing clothing and mixing and matching what you already have.

Now let’s get down to business.

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