DIY Manicure with Zoya Nail Polish

DIY Manicure with Zoya Nail Polish

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I’m one step closer to mastering the DIY manis and this video can help you do it too! A few extra tricks: paint in three strokes (right, left, middle) and push the polish towards the cuticle instead of starting right at the cuticle – this gives you the salon-like polished edge right at the cuticle.

Always choose eco-friendly nail polish and remover as the regular stuff is very toxic!
In this video I used Zoya Nail Polish.

** This is not a sponsored video and I bought each product. I just like to experiment the whole line of base coat, polish and top coat from each brand to get the best result! **

Base Coat:
Top Coat:
Drying Drops:
Rosie Maran Nail Polish Remover Wipes:

I also love Karma Nail Polish and Priti NYC!

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