The healthiest nail care | How to grow long nails with healthy products

The healthiest nail care | How to grow long nails with healthy products

I am so excited to share some of the healthiest nail care products I’ve ever found. A few years ago, I fell into the trap of gel manicures. I found my nails getting weaker and weaker, but it was so hard to stop the cycle because my nails felt stronger with the polish on. But a few months ago, I quit (cold turkey), and found amazing products that have helped me naturally grow long, healthy, strong nails! Links for all the products are below!

10 Over 10 – Nail Strengthening Base Coat //

MV Organic Skincare Hand Rescue //

Lauren B Nail Growth Serum //

Kure Bazaar Kimono //

10 Over 10 – The Shield Top Coat //

Hype //

Taupe Coat Nail Care //

Lauren B Nail Polish //

Kure Bazaar // Eau Dissolvante Natural Nail Polish Remover //

DIY Vitamin C Face & Body Serum //

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